Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Some new stuff from Sound & Fury

Scotland’s Gayle Brogan has done a lot for the music underground through her consistently great and long-lasting Boa Melody Bar mail-order. Her own sonic contributions have not been as frequent but her previous involvement in the sadly neglected Electroscope and her own solo project Pefkin has always been top class. That’s very much the case for the nicely packaged and somewhat limited Zugunruhe (Sound & Fury) as well. It might not be as playful as the Pefkin debut but in terms of delivering tasty slices of spiraling guitar experimentalism colored by clouds of solemn, analogue electronics it’s just as high up there. This all results in an abstract avant folk platter packed to the brim with underwater ceremonies and bedroom experimentation vaguely related to the pop format.

More on the same label comes from Australian Felicity Mangan that constructs spatial sound collages that moves discreetly alongside nature-clad field recordings. The work of Loren Chasse and Joel Stern is definitely related to Lumetorm but this EP is slightly more clinical and less organic. The loops and collages gurgles and twist around its own sound but the overall effect is generally so subdued that you don’t really see this disc as out there as it probably is. My personal favorite is “Cuap Winter” which sees heavily processed wind chimes creating a stunning wintry effect. Overall it’s an impressive effort that shows a lot of promise but from time to time I miss a bit of the organic effect I am looking for in this kind of music.