Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Renderizors meet the Terminals

I have to admit that the long silence from yours truly mostly is the result of lack of inspiration and energy. There have been times that I’ve questioned whether I’d ever write anything more on this blog. But after returning to a few items of the ever-increasing tower of new releases that I haven’t reviewed I just had to get to it again. I have no clue if this is a one-time thing and then I’ll return to the cave where I came from, but right now that doesn’t really matter as music is what it’s all about.

First out is a dream project of sorts where we find NZ country/folk/psych/rock heroes the Renderers teaming up with the equally great but quite different Sandoz Lab Technicians. Here we find them working under the Renderizors moniker and although the sum not might be greater than its parts in this case it’s still a mighty fine listen. On Submarine (Last Visible Dog) the wonderful state between fully structured pop song and shambling audio seepage of the Renderers is spiced with the multi-dimensional amalgam of noise, free jazz and drone of the ‘Technicians. It’s a filmic and organic journey that follows the axis of combination and often goes beyond metaphors. They bring us a kind of uncategorizable music that moves along a hidden trail from my heart to the Southern Island.

Next in line when it comes to my unconditional love for strangely seducing darkness from downunder is the veterans of the Terminals. I reviewed their latest disc quite favorably in these pages last year and on top of that “comeback” album Last Visible Dog gives us a reissue of what very well might be the most seminal Terminals release. Touch was originally issued by the German Raffmond label back in the early ‘90s and although it striked some as legendary at the time it certainly did’nt get the attention it truly deserved. Folks looking for slightly gothic psych rock with a slight NZ pop twist already have this one but the rest of you know what you need to do.